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The group Stope was founded in 2003 in the parish of All Saints in Blato. The name stands for their connection with blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified Petković from their hometown since the group members want to follow in her footsteps (stope) of love and kindness through music.
13. July 2012.

Ivo Šeparović

Ivo Šeparović is a singer closely connected with three parts of Croatia - Korčula, Okučani and Zagreb. With the vocal band Bljesak he has performed music since November 1996.
03. July 2012.

Maja Tadić

Maja Tadić started her music journey by singing in vocal (-instrumental) bands. She has performed at many festivals and is a regular participant at the festivals of Christian music and other music events.
03. July 2012.

Davor Terzić

Davor Terzić is a well known singer/songwriter of Christian music. He is also a director of the youth choir in the parish church of St. Euphemia (since 2004).
03. July 2012.

Antonio Tkalec

Antonio Tkalec is a professional musician who has been involved in Christian music ever since he was a child.
03. July 2012.

Damir Topić

Damir Topić is a singer/songwriter who has been writing Christian music since he was a high school student. He wrote many well known songs such as O ljubavi ja pjevam/About love I sing and Lanterna moje duše/Lantern of my soul.
03. July 2012.

VS Trinity

VS Trinity was founded in 2008 in the parish church of Most Holy Trinity in Čepin where they serve in the music ministry at the noon Sunday Holy Mass for the youth.
03. July 2012.

Ljubo Vuković

Ljubo Vuković is a well known singer/songwriter of popular Christian music who has been a part of the Croatian Christian music scene for more than three decades.
03. July 2012.

Zakon Neba

The band Zakon Neba (The Law of the Heaven) was founded in 2003 when they started to give a number of music performances in Zagreb.
03. July 2012.

Zbor mladih Varaždinske biskupije

The youth choir of the Varaždin diocese was founded in September 2005 after a number of (prayer) meetings of the youth within the archdiocese.
03. July 2012.
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