Liturgical Year C

Second Sunday of Advent; Unfinished business
Our God is somebody in action – he is the Creator, he is the Saviour and Redeemer all the time looking for our collaboration to get us to our own happiness and fulfilment as well as for the whole world. Yes, by coming in this world like a little baby God is showing us that He really counts on our collaboration and help.
Author: p. Antun Volenik, SJ



First Sunday of Advent; Bless the days when everything goes wrong
Today’s Gospel speaks about praying at all times – especially when everything really goes wrong. We all have such experiences: the death of loved one, sudden tragic situations, our own diseases... But in these very days we can only start to pray, become closer to God who will guide us in these situations.
Author: p. Antun Volenik, SJ



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