Liturgical Year C

11th Sunday of Ordinary Time; Scandal!
God allows man, who learns slowly, to fall down. He allows us to fail all sorts of life exams waiting for us to start learning from his Son, the humble, decisive and merciful Lover of the Truth.
Author: p. Antun Volenik, SJ



10th Sunday of Ordinary Time; Pharmakon athanasias
I want to believe that God holds the world in his hands and that all the prosperity, advanced medicine and conditions of life are his blessing because He is the Lord of life and he rejoices in us.
Author: p. Antun Volenik, SJ



The Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time; Centurion
Today's Mass is a great opportunity for us to renew that attitude before we meet the Lord. His Word first needs to heal us and make us worthy. We need to hear it from within and then we will be ready to meet Him.
Author: p. Antun Volenik, SJ



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