Liturgical Year C

Third Sunday of Easter; 3x
The last thing Jesus says to Peter is: “Follow me” (see Jn 21,19). This verb can also be translated as go with me, walk with me, follow my steps. Moreover, after his resurrection Jesus is following the apostles in such a discrete way as he follows us in all our paths of life. Until we finally meet him and he asks us: Do you love me?
Author: p. Antun Volenik, SJ



Divine Mercy Sunday; Doubting Thomas
We humans are so forgetful and timid creatures. We can so easily forget God's previous act of mercy and kindness and we soon ask again for something more. Our dear apostle Thomas saw a lot of miracles as well. However, he forgot all about it, it wasn't important to him anymore; he needed a miracle.
Author: p. Antun Volenik, SJ



EASTER; The Event
Easter is not a custom – it is the event! And it isn't any kind of event – it is the event of love! Maybe we have never stopped to notice that Jesus said 'Goodbye' to his disciples at the Last supper, entered the agony of Gethsemane, the Passion and the darkness of the death on the cross with love.
Author: p. Antun Volenik, SJ



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